San Diego Community Services & Resources

Along with our in-home family support services, many other programs in San Diego County support expecting and parenting families in-person, online, and over the phone. Our FSC partners have a wide variety of expertise and are ready to support you and your family with topics like:

  • Support with breast/chest feeding
  • Medications during pregnancy
  • Understanding your child’s development
  • And more!

Use the information below (website, phone number, email) to reach out to the programs to learn more about them and how they work with families.

Healthy Development Services (HDS)

Healthy Development Services (HDS) provides screenings, assessments, treatment, and care coordination for children 0-5 years old with mild to moderate developmental, behavioral, or social-emotional needs. HDS provides support to children and their families throughout San Diego County. To learn more about HDS, visit: https://aapca3.org/hds/. Click here to find services in your area, or call 1-888-5FIRST5 (1-888-534-7785). Parents and caregivers are encouraged to discuss any concerns about your child with their doctor/pediatrician.

MotherToBaby CA provides FREE information by telephone, online-chat, or email about exposures to things like over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, vaccines, alcohol/recreational drugs, cleaning supplies, and many more during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Talk to an expert, call 866-626-6847, or visit www.mothertobaby.org and click “Chat Now."
MHA: Father2Child

Father2Child is a free, court-approved 12-session program for fathers. We offer in-person and virtual class resources exploring new parenting techniques and skills to encourage improved fatherhood awareness and strengthen bonds with children. Resources also include free therapy and employment services. To enroll, please email: Ogarcia@mhasd.org or call/text: 619-942-0309

The San Diego Breastfeeding Center

The San Diego Breastfeeding Center Foundation provides free/reduced-fee lactation consultations for BIPOC and low-income families.  We offer virtual, in-office, and home visits for pregnant and postpartum families who need help with chest/breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding. Clinics are located in La Mesa, Banker's Hill, and Southeast San Diego.